Who we are

We are a social and environmental conservation company who strive to maintain the richness of the Brazilian social-biodiversity alive and thriving.


The Cerrado is the biologically richest savannah in the world!! A vast tropical ecoregion of Brazil, covering 22% of the territory or 3x the size of Texas, where its people and the environment are critically endangered.

The Problem

The problem

The Baruzeiro is an endangered tree, it is highly productive and scalable. However, the supply chain is extremely underdeveloped, there is no food & safety standards, and no efficient machines to process the Baruzeiros’ fruits.

The Solution

The solution

We are building a certified Baru processing plant at the heart of the Cerrado, with innovative and efficient processing solutions, generating income to small indigenous communities, avoiding rural exodus and preserving the socio-biodiversity.

Healthy, Ethical, Sustainable and Rooted in Folklore

Baru Seed is (Dipteryx alata Vog) native to the Brazilian Cerrado, one of the regions with the highest biodiversity in the world!

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Baru Seeds